Clinical Services

At Mount Sinai, we are committed to healing the body, mind and spirit. As part of the health care team, chaplains contribute to caring for the whole person. We know your illness and injury may be confusing and stressful, and we encourage you to call upon our chaplains for spiritual support, counseling, religious ritual, and prayer.

Our spiritual care staff is interfaith. We are highly respectful of everyone’s individual beliefs and help people of all faiths find healing, hope, and comfort while experiencing the challenges of life–particularly while receiving care at our hospital. Professional chaplains do not proselytize. Rather, we help you draw upon and examine your beliefs and meet with you where you are emotionally and spiritually.

Who provides spiritual care?

  • Board certified and experienced professional chaplains
  • Community faith leaders such as pastors, rabbis, priests, ministers, imams, and other religious leaders
  • Specially trained volunteers
  • Clinical Pastoral Education residents and students who are being trained in hospital chaplaincy

Patients, their families, and loved ones should contact us when they are:

  • Experiencing conflict, despair, or feelings of hopelessness
  • Confronting serious illness
  • Facing surgery or suffering from trauma
  • Experiencing sadness, anxiety, or feelings of guilt
  • Lacking supportive family, friends, or community
  • Feeling alienated or alone
  • Making difficult treatment decisions

Patients may also access the following services:

  • Spiritual support
  • Prayer
  • Meditation, guided imagery
  • Sacraments and Communion for Catholic patients and their families
  • Mass at 11am on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
  • Daily and holiday synagogue services (1.45pm Mon-Thu, 8.30am Saturday)
  • Major Holy day services for various faiths and traditions
  • Muslim Jummah services (Friday, 1pm)
  • Religious materials delivered to your room where available