Chaplaincy Services

At Mount Sinai, we are committed to healing the body, mind and spirit. As part of the health care team, chaplains contribute to caring for the whole person. We know your illness and injury may be confusing and stressful, and we encourage you to call upon our chaplains for spiritual support, counseling, religious ritual, and prayer.

Our spiritual care staff provides spiritual care to all patients, regardless of faith tradition. We are highly respectful of everyone’s individual beliefs and help people of all faiths find healing, hope, and comfort while experiencing the challenges of life–particularly while receiving care at our hospital. Professional chaplains do not proselytize. Rather, we help you draw upon and examine your beliefs and meet with you where you are emotionally and spiritually.

Mount Sinai Departments of Spiritual Care and Education

The Mount Sinai Hospital
Spiritual Care Office: 212-241-7262

Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Spiritual Care Office: 212-420-2759

Mount Sinai Brooklyn
Spiritual Care Office: 718-252-3000

Mount Sinai Morningside
Spiritual Care Office: 212-523-2017

Mount Sinai Queens
Spiritual Care Office: 212-241-7262

Mount Sinai South Nassau
Spiritual Care Office: 516-632-4586

Mount Sinai West
Spiritual Care Office: 212-523-6920