Mount Sinai Health System is an accredited provider for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). CPE is a clinical training program that teaches interns and residents to provide chaplaincy care to patients and loved ones within the Mount Sinai Health System while under supervision.


CPE internships are offered to students from divinity and rabbinical schools for which CPE is a required (or encouraged) component of their theological degree-granting program. Interns may also be seasoned clergy members who have decided to specialize in health care chaplaincy as they transition from congregational ministry to professional health care chaplaincy. The curriculum teaches CPE interns to initiate, develop and deepen, and bring to an appropriate close a mutual and empathic relationship with the patient, family, and/ or staff member.

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Mount Sinai Health System also offers yearlong CPE Residency programs. The goal of the CPE Residency is to prepare residents to become board-certified health care chaplains. Building on the internship’s focus on developing students’ capacity to enter into genuine, empathic, and mutual relationships, the Residency curriculum focuses on the Standards of Practice for Health Care Chaplains.

Our outstanding CPE Residency offer three units of CPE and includes a $35,000 stipend and benefits. Qualifications include a graduate degree, one unit of CPE, and an admissions interview.

The 2018 CPE Residency begins on 07/16/18 and ends on 07/12/19. Applications are received on a rolling basis; there is no application deadline.

CPE Educators

The Rev. David Fleenor, BCC, ACPE
ACPE Certified Educator
Director of Education

The Rev. David Fleenor is a board certified chaplain and an ACPE Certified Educator. After earning two graduate degrees in theology, he was ordained an Episcopal priest at Church of the Transfiguration in New York City, where he served as associate priest for 10 years. He has worked as a clinical chaplain in oncology, psychiatric and medical settings, and as a CPE educator and chaplaincy administrator. He now serves as the Director of Education at the Center for Spirituality and Health at Mount Sinai. His research interests include prayer and novel approaches to chaplaincy education. His professional mission is to be a leader in the transformation of health care chaplaincy into an evidence-based profession.

Rabbi Jo Hirschmann, BCC, ACPE
ACPE Certified Educator
Director of Spiritual Care at Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Rabbi Jo Hirschmann is a board certified chaplain and an ACPE Certified Educator. A chaplain who has worked in hospice and psychiatric settings, she currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Care and Education at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. She is a co-author of Maps and Meaning: Levitical Models of Contemporary Care, published by Fortress Press, and a number of articles about chaplaincy practice.

Tuition and Fees

  1. The application fee for internships is $75 and for residencies is $100. Application fees must be paid at the time the application is submitted. Applications will not be reviewed until the application fee has been paid.
  2. Tuition is $900 for internships. Residents receive a full scholarship for tuition..

How to Apply

  1. Download and complete the official CPE application here as a PDF or a DOC.
  2. Email the application to
  3. Ask three reference persons (academic, religious/denominational, and personal) to complete this reference form. It will be emailed directly to the CPE program.    
  4. Pay the application fee by check or credit card.
    • Make the check out to Mount Sinai Medical Center and add “CPE Application Fee” in the notes section of your check.
    • Mail the check to the address below.
    • Alternatively, you may pay the application fee by credit card by calling Timmicca Moon at 212-659-8848.
  5. As an alternative, you may mail your CPE application along with the application fee to:

    Terri Truesdale
    CPE at the Center for Spirituality and Health
    The Mount Sinai Medical Center
    One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1036
    New York, NY 10029

For more information please call 212-241-5280 or email


Mount Sinai’s CPE program is accredited by:
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)
One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30033


We are proud recipients of the Transforming Chaplaincy Curriculum Grant made possible by the John Templeton Foundation.

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