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The Milton and Carroll Department of Urology at Mount Sinai is transforming prostate cancer treatment and expanding the scope of knowledge about the causes of and solutions for the disease. Part of one of the nation’s most renowned hospitals, we utilize the leading-edge research of our medical scientists and the outstanding expertise of our clinical team to provide some of the best prostate cancer care available, that is advanced, comprehensive and compassionate, for patients from all corners of the United States and beyond.

The Urology Department’s Chairman is Dr. Ashutosh (Ash) K. Tewari, among the world's top prostate cancer urologists, who, when he came to us in 2013, was already recognized as one of the foremost leaders in robotic prostate surgery and prostate cancer research. Dr. Tewari is the 2012 recipient of the prestigious American Urological Association Gold Cystoscope Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of urology and urologic oncology. In addition to being an award-winning urologist and considered one of the best robotic surgeons, he is a highly active researcher who has authored more than 250 peer-reviewed articles on prostate cancer and robotic surgery.

Under Dr. Tewari’s leadership, our goal is to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic service and, where needed, treatment that is as minimally invasive as possible – but that recognizes and addresses the full range of each patient’s medical issues and preferences.

Excellence in Robotic Prostate Surgery

Most of our prostate cancer patients are referred by their physicians or other health care providers when there is evidence of a problem needing examination and treatment. The mode of treatment we recommend depends on the highly precise diagnosis that we can provide and is determined following full consultation between the patient and our medical team. One option – which Dr. Tewari has performed more than 5,500 times – is called robotic-assisted prostatectomy (surgical removal of the entire prostate using the robotic da Vinci® surgical system), a procedure that he pioneered and has evolved into ART™ (Advanced Robotic Technique). This method, combined with an array of other innovative techniques that Dr. Tewari has developed and which are not available anywhere else, offers a cure for a majority of patients with localized prostate cancer while minimizing the effects treatment may have on bowel, urinary, and sexual functioning.

Nearly 95 percent of all robotic prostate surgery patients whose cancer is confined to the prostate receive a negative surgical margin (no cancer is found on the specimen surface) on their surgical pathology reports. In published long -term follow-up studies performed by Dr. Tewari, this translates to a greater than 95 percent, 10-year survival rate in select patients. Learn more about robotic prostatectomy surgical outcomes at Mount Sinai

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Our approach to care is holistic – we aim to treat the whole person, not just the disease. We bring together a dedicated, multidisciplinary group of nearly two dozen professionals, including an operating team that has been involved in thousands of cases; a highly skilled nursing staff; and post-operative team, internists, medical oncologists, genomics experts, and surgeons.

Our team also includes experts in sexual and urinary health, high-risk cancer management, and radiation therapists to augment or supplement surgery. In addition, we offer nutrition and other specialized counseling services.

As part of a large multidisciplinary hospital, Mount Sinai’s Urology Department also offers the advantage of being able to draw on the medical center’s vast resources and can interact with internationally-regarded experts across a wide range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, cardiology, diabetes, and neurology.

Translational Research

We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes through translational research. Our clinical and research teams work collaboratively to bring the latest knowledge to bear on our patients’ treatment. We are actively involved in research areas supported by major funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Prostate Cancer Foundation, among others. Our research includes a major genetics research effort to unlock the secrets of probability for susceptibility to prostate cancer. It also includes designing new MRI imaging techniques for cancer treatment planning that will provide patients with more comfort, as well as multiphoton microscopy therapy (novel imaging techniques) research to identify small nerves during cancer treatment and minimizes the residual cancer during robotic surgery.

In addition, we are working collaboratively with other leading institutions, including Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, MIT, Harvard, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Cornell University, The Broad Institute, and Rockefeller University.

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