Mood and Anxiety Disorders Research

The research division of the Pediatric Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, under the direction of Dr. Vilma Gabbay, focuses on the development of effective, short-term treatments for childhood anxiety and mood disorders, as well as on the identification of biological substrates of these disorders in order to facilitate early detection and prevention. To ensure the successful completion of these endeavors, Dr. Gabbay has assembled an extraordinary team of experts from the Icahn School of Medicine, Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, and Weill Cornell Medical Center with access to state-of-the-art resources at each institution to collaborate on our current studies.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials can help patients by providing access to emerging therapies. But even if you or your child don’t benefit directly from participation in a particular study, the information we collect may increase knowledge about the symptoms, biology, and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. By participating, you could help us advance therapies for these disorders in the future.

For more information regarding our ongoing studies or participating in a clinical trial, please contact clinical research coordinator Sherley Simkovic (212-659-1671;