Rating Scales Information for OCD Professionals

Our program is pleased to share the following information for professionals involved in treating and researching OCD and related disorders.

Assessing the Severity of OCD

One of the most widely used instruments for assessing OCD includes a symptom checklist that includes about 75 examples of obsessions and compulsions. This instrument, called the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS), is ordinarily used by trained professionals to evaluate OCD. The scale -developed by Wayne Goodman, MD, and Steven Rasmussen, MD, and Lawrence Price, MD - contains two parts: 1) the Symptom Checklist and 2) the 10-item severity measure. The psychometric properties of the Y-BOCS have been extensively studied (Goodman et al 1989; Goodman et al 1989).

More recently, the original developers along with Eric Storch, PhD, of the University of South Florida (Storch et al, 2010), created a new version of the Y-BOCS (referred to as the Y-BOCS II).