Diagnosing OCD

Our program’s clinical team conducts comprehensive assessments in order to provide personalized diagnostic and treatment recommendations for each patient. Our evaluations include a careful clinical interview and standardized assessments to identify the range and severity of each patient’s symptoms. We also offer specialized multidisciplinary evaluations and consultations for patients who are currently receiving treatment but failing to respond to conventional therapies.

Assessing the Severity of OCD

In order to determine if a patient’s condition is mild, moderate, or severe, a number of assessment tools are used. One of the most widely used instruments for assessing OCD includes a symptom checklist of approximately 75 examples of obsessions and compulsions. This instrument, called the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS), is ordinarily used by trained professionals to evaluate OCD. More recently, a new version of the Y-BOCS (referred to as the Y-BOCS II), has been developed.