What Are Spine Disorders in Children?

Children rarely develop spinal diseases or conditions. When they do, trauma is a common cause. Other causes of spine disorders in children include tumors or birth defects.

As with spine disorders in adults, spine disorders in children are often associated with pain, weakness, or deformity. Treatment may be nonsurgical, centered around physical therapy and pain management, or may involve surgery. Depending upon the specific disease and symptoms, surgery may consist of taking pressure off the spinal cord and nerve roots, stabilizing the spine, or removing a tumor.

Risk factors for spine disorders in children include:

  • A family history of spine disease
  • Siblings born with similar disorders
  • Folate deficiency in expectant mother/nutritional matters


If you are pregnant, increasing your intake of folate and other nutrients may reduce your risk of spina bifida. Folate supplements are available over the counter at drug stores and vitamin shops. An 800 ug daily supplement is generally recommended. Close pre-natal screening and monitoring will help your doctor diagnose any birth defects in advance and help you plan your child's treatment.

We can help

At The Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, our neurosurgery spine team is dedicated to providing the highest level of clinical excellence for children with spinal disorders. From the newest diagnostic studies to the least invasive interventions, we tailor our treatments to suit each child's needs.

At Mount Sinai, we emphasize comprehensive care. In treating spine disorders in children, we work with members of the departments of pediatrics, urology, general surgery, rehabilitation, neurology, neonatology, and plastic surgery to provide the optimal solution for your child's specific disorder.

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