Research Frontiers

Our research in pediatric and congenital heart conditions includes:

  • Patent ductus arteriosis, Noonan syndrome. Bruce D. Gelb, MD, Professor of Cardiology and Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, directs the new Center for Molecular Cardiology. Among other discoveries, Dr. Gelb and his colleagues have found the genes responsible for patent ductus arteriosis, a failure to close a tube present in fetal hearts, and Noonan syndrome, the most common genetic syndrome associated with congenital heart disease.

  • Secundum atrial septal defects. The Center for Molecular Cardiology is one of only five centers nationwide to participate in a study on the genetic causes of secundum atrial septal defects (ASDs), a condition in which the wall separating the upper chambers of the heart does not close completely prior to birth.

  • Hybrid surgeries. Barry Love, MD, Assistant Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and the Pediatric Electrophysiology Laboratory, is advancing the use of hybrid surgery to treat patients with complex congenital heart conditions. He combines many cardiac catheterization techniques with surgical ones to produce methods that are safer and less traumatic.

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