Program Components

The Mobile Acute Care Team program components include Hospital at Home, Observation Unit at Home, and Rehab at Home.

Hospital at Home

This is the “traditional” Hospital at Home (HaH) program that provides visits from nurse practitioners and doctors who deliver care and respond to emergencies, as well as nurses to provide clinical treatments, and a social worker to coordinate care as needed. It delivers and provides medications, routine lab tests, durable medical equipment and IVs in the home, and follows the patient for 30 days following the acute care.

Hospital Averse at Home
This variant of MACT Hospital at Home is a short-term (3-5 days) hospital at home solution for patients who decline needed hospitalization.

Palliative Care Unit at Home
Another short-term (3-5 day) hospital at home variant for hospice-eligible patients, with 30 day follow up (and possible transition to hospice).

Observation Unit at Home

This model is for patients who need further medical observation before discharge or admission to MACT HaH. Patients are observed for a day in their home, receiving needed services and appropriate monitoring, and are then evaluated. Based on this assessment, the patient may then be formally admitted into MACT or be discharged.

Rehab at Home

This program is designed to provide post-acute rehabilitation, medical, and nursing services in lieu of a nursing home stay for qualifying patients. Admitted patients receive physician oversight and RN home visits within 48 hours, as well as physical therapy six days a week. They also receive nursing visits as needed for treatments and IV medications, social work visits, and daily physical, occupational and/or speech therapy visits. All of these services are delivered for two to three weeks, and MACT follows up, as indicated, for up to a total of 30 days.