Mobile Acute Care Team (MACT)

The Mobile Acute Care Team (MACT) program is an innovative health care delivery model that provides hospital-level care in the homes of acute-care patients. A team of doctors, nurses, and other professionals treat and monitor a patient’s health every day during the acute episode, usually three to five days. The team then monitors the patient for 30 days. According to preliminary results, patients who chose to be treated at home rather than in a hospital were more satisfied with their care and had fewer medical complications without incurring additional costs.

Mount Sinai launched MACT in November 2014 after receiving a $9.6 million Health Care Innovation Award from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create a unique “hospital at home” program. Today, MACT includes three main components:

  • Hospital at Home (HaH) for acute-care, palliative-care, and hospital-averse patients;
  • Observation at Home (ObsaH); and
  • Rehab at Home (RaH)

This program underscores Mount Sinai’s commitment to providing cutting-edge medicine and creating an innovative health care system that emphasizes outpatient, ambulatory, and home-based care with remote monitoring capabilities. It also illustrates Mount Sinai’s role as a pioneer in developing new clinical and financial models for patients with acute illnesses.

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