Mount Sinai Health Information Exchange (HIE)

“One Patient, One Record”

The Mount Sinai Health Information Exchange (HIE) extends our commitment to patient safety and quality of care by working with our providers to share accurate data between disparate systems. Mount Sinai Connect supports enterprise wide data integration so that Mount Sinai providers can access one record for every patient.

What is Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

Health Information Exchange is the sharing of health information electronically between providers. This exchange can be done directly between two providers that care for the same patient or can be enabled through a technology that provides the electronic information to a provider. Information can only be shared between providers if a relationship exists with a patient or the patient explicitly gives their approval to access their information.

What types of information may be accessed in this HIE?

Authorized persons may be able to access a broad spectrum of patient healthcare information. This includes allergies, current medications and laboratory test results, as well as other data shared by participating health care facilities. You will also be able to confirm your patient identity via demographic information such as patient name, date of birth and address if available. This information can be available through the electronic exchange of information to Mount Sinai from your electronic medical records on your patients.

How do I become an authorized person to access health information in the HIE?

Access to health information via an HIE is authorized by the patient. Patients must provide the participating facility with consent to access their health information. Patients must sign a consent form that must be kept on file as required by state law. The affirmative consent is sent to the HIE and will provide your practice providers access to that patients health information.

How can I obtain access to this information from my electronic medical record?

Mount Sinai has the capability of sharing information with your practice on our shared patients. This means that your practice may send information to Mount Sinai (a lab order for example) and receive the result directly into your EMR. We also have the ability of sharing other patient specific documents with your practice for patients you provide care. To determine if we can integrate with your electronic medical record, please refer to Request a New Project page. 

Is there a way I can manage results if I do not have an electronic medical record?

The Mount Sinai HIE has a web application available for community providers – featuring electronic order entry and a results management inbox. These offerings replace many of the steps in a paper workflow. Practices will need to review and sign a practice participation agreement with Mount Sinai to be credentialed for access to this portal. For more information, please contact your Mount Sinai relationship representative.