Benefits to the Community

Enabling the healthcare community to have access to complete health information about a patient provides a variety of benefits to the hospital community, community providers, and the patients they serve. The following are some key advantages our community members receive through participation in the health information exchange (HIE):

Benefits for the Hospital

  • Enables data sharing with community providers
  • Opportunities for cost reduction through workflow redesigns and transparency of patient information
  • Platform for accountable care organizations (ACO), Medical Homes and other care coordination activities
  • Consolidates patient information across disparate systems within the institution

Benefits for Community Providers

  • Timely access to hospital information from referrals and other services
  • Reduction in time and effort chasing down faxes and scanning of results
  • Flow of information directly from the hospital to your EMR
  • Enhance coordination and transitions of care
  • Support for attainment of meaningful use measures (stage 1 and 2)

Benefits for Our Patients

  • Empowers you to allow providers to access your information if you are hurt and in the ED and can't speak for yourself
  • Assists in the coordination of your care between your providers
  • Provides enhanced security in the sharing and access to your information
  • Enhances the quality of care received by reducing the need for services already performed ( reduce duplicate testing)
  • Ease in sharing your health information to your providers