Enterprise Information Exchange (EIE) and Patient Consent

The Mount Sinai Enterprise Information Exchange (EIE) Program is an initiative to improve how Mount Sinai exchanges electronic health information – meaning how Mount Sinai can access and share electronic health information with other health care organizations.

As we increase information exchange, Mount Sinai remains committed to ensuring the privacy and security of our patients’ electronic protected health information (PHI).

Watch the EIE Consent for Patients video to learn more.

What is EIE Consent?

New York State is an opt-in state for information exchange. This means that healthcare organizations, like Mount Sinai, must document a patient’s explicit consent prior to exchanging that patient’s PHI through regional and national health information exchange networks. Mount Sinai collects this consent using the EIE Consent form.

If you have previously completed a HIE or Healthix Consent form at Mount Sinai, you should know that the EIE Consent form and your EIE Consent decision will replace the previous form and any prior decision made.

Where will I complete the EIE Consent form?

Mount Sinai has a record of all patients who have completed the EIE Consent form. If you need to complete the EIE Consent form, a Mount Sinai registration team member will know to offer you the EIE consent form when you present at your next visit.

If you have a MyChart account, you may also have the option to complete a digital version in the MyChart eCheckIn process. Note that eCheckIn is only for scheduled visits and not yet available at all Mount Sinai clinics. Visit the Mount Sinai’s MyChart page to log in and learn more.

How do I complete the EIE Consent form?

  1. Receive the EIE consent form when registering at your next visit, or in your MyChart account via eCheckIn.
  2. Choose your consent decision. If using a paper form, you will need to completely fill in the oval next your consent decision using a black or blue pen.
  3. Accurately complete all required information (e.g., name, date of birth).
  4. Sign and date the form.

How do I learn more?

If you are a Mount Sinai patient and want to learn more about the consent form, you can download this informational brochure, or ask for it at your next visit. You should also read through the FAQ section below.

To learn more about the HIPAA Privacy Rule and other protections around your electronic health information, please visit the HIPAA homepage or the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC).

For staff:

If you work at Mount Sinai and want to learn more about how EIE Consent impacts staff, please visit the EIE Consent page on the Mount Sinai Intranet.