Protecting Patient Health Information

Mount Sinai is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of protected health information of our patients when utilizing our health information exchange solution. To ensure privacy of health information:

  • Affirmative Consent is required to access protected health information unless the sharing is one-to-one exchange (from one known provider to another who both have a relationship with the patient)
  • Patients have the option to disallow access to their health information by completing the appropriate withdraw form
  • The access to data for minors older than ten years of age can be granted only if consent is obtained
  • In the event of an emergency and the patient is not able to provide affirmative consent, access to data may be granted if no denial of consent has been obtained

To obtain a copy of the consent form, please contact your Mount Sinai business contact or download the Mount Sinai HIE/Health Information Exchange consent form [PDF]. Please note this form is for Mount Sinai providers. If you are in need of one for your practice you can contact your local regional health information office.

For users needing more information on HIPAA, compliance and consent, please visit the Audit and Compliance Services Department.