Primary Care

At Mount Sinai Doctors East 85th Street, we offer primary care on New York City’s Upper East Side, to patients through the five boroughs. Our exceptional physicians are available not only to evaluate your overall well-being, but to work with you to meet your health goals.


Our compassionate primary care physicians are the first people to go to, to protect yourself against or manage chronic conditions including:


We offer a comprehensive array of tests and screening programs, including those below:

  • Check-ups and annual physicals
  • Family planning and access to birth control
  • Immunizations for adults, including flu shots
  • Lab tests
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment
  • Weight loss support and management
  • Cancer screenings, including Pap smears, prostate cancer tests, and breast exams
  • Video Visits

If your primary care physician identifies risk factors that may require care by a specialist, we will refer you to our network of specialty doctors.

Why Choose Mount Sinai

Exceptional medical care is essential to a person’s ongoing health and well-being. At Mount Sinai, a trusted primary care physician is your first step in achieving and maintaining good health.