Peripheral Angiogram

If you have blocked or narrowed blood vessels, it may be caused by peripheral arterial disease. If that is the case, your Cross County Cardiology – Mount Sinai cardiologist may recommend a minimally invasive procedure called a peripheral angiogram. This is a specialized form of X-ray test that helps diagnose problems with blood flow to your legs, arms, or internal organs.

During the procedure, we insert a thin tube or catheter through a tiny incision in the skin and guide the catheter to the affected arteries. We then inject contrast dye through the catheter.  This dye is visible in X-rays. By observing the dye, we can pinpoint areas where the arteries may be narrowed or blocked. Then we can determine if you need treatment.

If your cardiologist sees abnormalities due to plaque buildup, we will talk to you about your treatment options.