Social Work

Here at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, we offer more than just renowned, state-of-the-art medical care. We are here for you emotionally as well. Our Department of Social Work provides exceptional service and compassionate care for all patients and their families. Social workers can assist you and your family members with:

  • Coping with and understanding the medical condition
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Grief, loss, and bereavement
  • Difficult family situations
  • Violence and abuse
  • Substance abuse assessment and referral
  • Plans for those who cannot take care of themselves
  • Information and referrals to community resources and services
  • Psychiatric outpatient services for children and adults

We offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient social work services and are an integral part of the health care team. You may find a social worker on an inpatient unit or at our ambulatory sites:

Inpatient Services

While you are in the hospital, our inpatient social worker is part of your health care team, working alongside physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, and other health care providers. The social worker may meet with you within the first 48 hours of your hospitalization to help answer any medical, psychological, and emotional questions you might have about being in the hospital or handling chronic illness. We work with you to formulate a safe discharge plan, considering your needs and preferences.

  • We will talk with you and your family about what you were able to do prior to coming into the hospital: Who helped you—family, friends, and agencies; what financial resources and insurance coverage you have; and what you may need after you are discharged. We can also counsel you about any concerns about your illness as well as potential lifestyle changes
  • Offer referrals to community-based agencies for psychological/emotional support; grief, loss, and bereavement counseling; challenging family situations, including domestic violence; substance abuse; and long-term planning

To contact a social worker from the inpatient team, you can call us at 212-420-2776.


The following resources can help you as you receive medical care.

Financial and Insurance Resources

Mount Sinai Beth Israel Financial Counseling

NY State Medicaid Assistance

NY State of Health

Medicare Advocacy Program

Resources for the Aging

New York City Department for the Aging

Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA)

New York Foundation for Senior Citizens

NYC Caregiver

Resources for Mental Health Support and Information

NYC Well Helpline

Suicide Prevention Life Line

Community-Based Clinics

Institute for Family Health

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