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Intraoperative Video Laryngoscopy as Adjunct for Nerve Monitoring

The purpose of this study is to describe the impact of adding intraoperative video laryngoscopy (IOVL) to intraoperative laryngeal nerve monitoring (IOLNM) during neck procedures when IOLNM is routinely used, including thyroidectomy and re-operative parathyroidectomy...

Age: 18 years - 66+

Gender: All

Poly-ICLC (Hiltonol) and Anti-PD1 or Anti-PD-L1

This is an open labeled, non-randomized adaptive pilot study. The study interventions involved in this study are: Poly-ICLC (Hiltonol®) treatment in combination with anti-PD-1 (Nivolumab or Pembrolizumab) or anti-PD-L1 (Atezolizumab or Durvalumab)

Age: 18 years - 66+

Gender: All

Evaluation of an EEG Based Concussion System

This study will evaluate the accuracy of a new concussion system at detecting concussions. The investigators will be evaluating the degree to which data collected with the device agrees with a physician's determination of a concussion. The system captures an electroe...

Age: 9 - 65 years

Gender: All

A Phase III Study Assessing the Efficacy and Safety of DE-117 Ophthalmic Solution Compared With Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution 0.5% in Subjects With Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension - Spectrum 4 Study

This is a Phase III, randomized, double-masked, active-controlled, parallel-group, multi-center study. Subjects diagnosed with glaucoma or OHT who meet eligibility criteria at Visit 1 (Screening) will washout of their current topical IOP-lowering medication(s), if any...

Age: 12 months - 66+

Gender: All

Improving Medication Adherence in Adolescents Who Had a Liver Transplant

The study's aim is to test a tailored telemetric intervention to reduce rejection incidence by improving medication adherence in a group of adolescent liver transplant recipients identified as nonadherent by a marker (the Medication Level Variability Index, MLVI).

Age: 12 - 17 years

Gender: All

Salsa for Schizophrenia: A Feasibility Study

Seeking Research Participants with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder for Salsa Dancing Study We are currently looking for individuals with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. The purpose of the study is to understand how individuals with sc...

Age: 18 - 65 years

Gender: All

Olaparib and Cediranib Maleate in Treating Patients With Recurrent, Refractory, or Metastatic Endometrial Cancer

This randomized phase II trial studies how well olaparib and cediranib maleate work in treating patients with endometrial cancer that has come back, does not respond to treatment, or has spread to other places in the body. Olaparib and cediranib maleate may stop the g...

Efficacy of Tranexamic Acid in Foot and Ankle Surgeries

Epidemiology of foot and ankle surgeries that present to the hospitals in the US are often underestimated. However there has been growing emphasis on identification of these injuries and practice patterns.

Age: 18 - 75 years

Gender: All