Diagnostic Medical Physics Group

The Diagnostic Medical Physics Group bridges the gap between the complex physics underlying medical imaging technologies and their use at Mount Sinai facilities. We guarantee efficient use of diagnostic imaging at Mount Sinai by making sure medical imaging procedures are safe, accurate, and effective. In this way, we improve patient outcomes and advance the field of diagnostic medicine.

Led by Raja Subramaniam, PhD, along with Jo-Ann Provencher, MS, and Shirong Zhang, MS, both board certified medical physicists, the group is responsible for:

  1. Quality assurance and testing: We maintain and enhance the quality and safety of medical imaging equipment. We regularly perform quality assurance tests on devices such as X-ray machines, mammography units, computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance imaging machines, and ultrasound equipment. This enables Mount Sinai to provide accurate and reliable results.
  2. Radiation safety: Our physicists develop and implement protocols to minimize patient and staff exposure to ionizing radiation. We make sure that the benefits of medical imaging outweigh any potential risks. We work with health care professionals to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure.
  3. Equipment procurement and commissioning: Our medical physicists help evaluate, select, and commission the technology for all new imaging equipment. We verify that the equipment meets safety and performance standards. We also integrate it into the clinical workflow.
  4. Patient imaging protocols: Medical physicists work with radiologists and other health care professionals to establish safe and effective imaging protocols. The goal is to achieve the best possible diagnostic information while using the lowest feasible radiation dose. We take into account factors like patient age, size, and medical condition.
  5. Research and innovation: Our staff conducts research to improve imaging techniques, optimize image quality, and reduce radiation exposure. These insights drive innovation in the field, improving patient care.
  6. Education and training: Mount Sinai medical physicists train technologists, radiographers, and other health care personnel on radiation physics, safety practices, and proper use of imaging equipment. They ensure that our health care professionals understand the underlying physics of the equipment and can apply it effectively in clinical settings.
  7. Regulatory compliance: Medical physics is heavily regulated. Our staff ensures that Mount Sinai facilities adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines.