Breast Imaging

With breast cancer, early detection is a key to survival. Breast imaging helps us determine if you have breast cancer.

Our specialists use a wide variety of types of breast imaging to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible. Not every approach is available at every location. We offer:

  • 3D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Mammography
  • Molecular breast imaging (for viewing the metabolic activity of abnormal breast tissue)
  • Radioactive seed localization
  • Ultrasound

In addition, we regularly perform interventional procedures including biopsies and other procedures to determine the location of a tumor.

We work closely with our colleagues throughout the Mount Sinai Health System. This includes experts in internal medicine, breast surgery, breast oncology, radiation therapy, breast pathology, social work, massage therapy, and psychology. By working together, we are improving early cancer detection.

Our imagers, radiologists, technical, and support staff strive to create a pleasant and comfortable experience for you. We are honored to serve our diverse community with excellent, compassionate care.

The Mount Sinai Health System includes the Dubin Breast Center, one of the most advanced facilities in the country. At Dubin, we offer digital 2D and 3D mammography. 3D mammograms allow us to small cancers that might be hidden by overlying tissue.

Commitment to Research

We are dedicated to making advances in the breast imaging field and we regularly publish studies in prestigious medical journals. We are involved in a number of research studies with a focus in these areas:

  • Diagnosing breast disease through chest computed tomography scans
  • Identifying risk factors for men and transgender females
  • Understanding the relationship between breast cancer and cardiac risk

Commitment to Education

We are committed to educating the next generation of breast imaging specialists. We offer a number of educational opportunities:

  • The annual Mount Sinai Breast Imaging Update hosts radiologists from around the world.
  • Our experts assess the quality of mammographies and breast ultrasounds for the American College of Radiology’s accreditation programs.

We have been selected as fellows of the American College of Radiology. We have also been honored by the American Cancer Society.