Mount Sinai at Home

Mount Sinai Community Paramedicine

Offering Rapid, At-Home Evaluation and Treatment for Patients With Acute Symptoms

Mount Sinai’s Community Paramedicine program allows patients to conveniently receive evaluation and care at home for acute symptoms and prevent a visit to the Emergency Department. Staffed by our clinically trained paramedics and emergency medicine physicians, we evaluate and treat patients at home with telemedicine support.

How does Community Paramedicine work?

  1. A community paramedic will arrive to the patient’s home within 60 minutes of dispatch
  2. While in the patient’s home, the community paramedic will evaluate the patient and receive medical oversight from a Mount Sinai Emergency Department physician via video conferencing
  3. In the majority of cases, the patient can be treated at home, preventing an unnecessary Emergency Department visit or hospitalization

Program Benefits

  • At home care: delivers care to patients enrolled in the program in the comfort and privacy of their home
  • Available 24/7 in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Nassau
  • <60-minute response time
  • Offers urgent evaluation and treatment options:
    • Physical Assessments
    • EKG
    • Vital Signs
    • IV Fluids
    • IV Medications
    • Pain Management

Our Goal

We offer rapid, on demand, evaluation at home with the goal of stabilizing the patient and preventing an emergency room visit and admission, if possible.

“Community Paramedicine combines telehealth with in-person evaluation and care, using an expert health professional who can evaluate the patient from head to toe, complete vital signs, check an EKG and reach a very educated, thoughtful decision for how the patient can receive medical services,”

Erik Blutinger, MD
Medical Director of Community Paramedicine.

If you are a patient at Mount Sinai and interested in receiving care by Mount Sinai Community Paramedicine, ask your Mount Sinai health care provider about enrolling into the program.

Mount Sinai is expanding our At Home service area as medical personnel become available. Please contact us to see if Mount Sinai Community Paramedicine is provided where you live, and whether your insurer includes these services as a covered benefit.