Emergency Medical Services

Mount Sinai Health System’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operates 911 ambulances 24/7 throughout New York City, as well as a neonatal/pediatric critical care transport ambulance to serve the Health System’s needs. Our efforts are integrated throughout the Mount Sinai Health System. We value quality of care, safety, innovation, compassion, and respect for the communities we serve.

Additional Programs

We also implemented the Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport Program, which offers telehealth services to select patients who call 911 with low-acuity injuries and conditions. Both of these programs provide patients with the support they need while providing patient- centered care. The programs also benefit the Health System by making beds available for patients who truly need hospital-level care.

For Mount Sinai Employees

Mount Sinai Health System employees can access more information through the Health System’s secure Intranet site.

Our Team

Our team includes emergency medical technicians and paramedics who are certified by both New York State and New York City. Physicians overseeing the program have specialty training in emergency medicine and emergency medical services. Additional members of our team include specialists in EMS quality, simulation, innovation, and policy, as well as in health system emergency management and disaster preparedness.