Personalized Care Eases Patient's Fear of Thyroid Removal Surgery

The personalized care received by this patient helped her feel at ease with her thyroid surgery.

"Dear Dr. Inabnet: Thank you for your time in your initial exam consultation. I find after 40 years in private practice in my profession, to observe a quality of care and concern for patients that you showed was worth acknowledging. In the medical profession, all too often doctors treat the symptoms and then the disease and fail miserably at treating the person attached. You were attentive and stayed aware of the human being and the people present that were there to support me. It is obvious as a professional that when you exhibit efforts to eliminate all of the patient's concerns and fears and gain their confidence in your thorough explanation, your clinical commitment to excellence is unquestioned. Thank you for sharing this time with me, it renews my faith and desire for hope in what is and should be medicine today."


Service performed: total thyroidectomy for large thyroid goiter

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