Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

High resolution MRI studies of all body areas (Brain, Head and Neck, Spine, Chest, Cardiovascular, Heart, Abdomen, Pelvis, Genitourinary, and Musculoskeletal) are available using the highest quality MRI equipment and interpreted by internationally renowned Radiologists.

Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA)
Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) Magnetic Resonance Angiography is a minimally invasive tool used to diagnose diseases of the aorta, coronary, carotid, renal, abdominal and peripheral arteries. Sophisticated MRA applications can provide high resolution Angiography of the Circle of Willis, Carotid Arteries, Aorta and great vessels, pulmonary arteries, mesenteric vessels, renal, hepatic and portal vessels, and the peripheral extremity vasculature.

Functional MRI studies and Functional MR Imaging of Brain Activation
The higher resolution images generated by the Center’s 1.5 and 3.0 Telsa MRIs enable earlier lesion detection and intervention, and the three-dimensional surface display provides enhanced visualization for surgical and treatment planning. Our high performance scanners provide outstanding high resolution MR anatomic, perfusion and diffusion neuroimaging, comprehensive MR musculoskeletal and spine imaging as well as advanced body imaging applications such as MR cholangiography, MR urography, breast and pelvic imaging.

MR Angiography and Cardiac MR can evaluate atherosclerotic disease, congenital heart disease and cardiac function. Rapid image acquisition and the availability of oral or IV sedation and anesthesia enable studies to be performed on patients with special needs, such as children or claustrophobic individuals.

Musculoskeletal Imaging
The feeling of being closed in can be uncomfortable for some patients. Now, at Radiology Associates, you can get an MRI scan of your hand, arm, leg, or foot just by putting your extremity inside the magnet. This surprising comfort is possible with the Optima™ MR430s from GE Healthcare, a new high-field magnetic resonance scanner that creates extremely high quality images.