Dermatopathology Services at Mount Sinai

From its inception in 1986, the Dermatopathology Division at The Mount Sinai Hospital has built one of the most advanced services in the region. We deliver timely and accurate interpretation of more than 50,000 specimens a year to Mount Sinai physicians, as well as to dermatologists throughout the tri-state area and beyond, in an efficient and accommodating manner.

Under the leadership of Robert Phelps, MD, the Dermatopathology Division has acquired vast experience in examining all types of specimens, both common and rare, and it has developed and adopted the latest techniques to deliver the most detailed and accurate interpretation of each.  

We are the primary referral source for specimens from Mount Sinai’s dermatologic community, which includes scores of Mount Sinai physicians, as well as dermatologists practicing at Elmhurst Hospital Center, and Mount Sinai Queens.

Malignant Melanoma Research

The Mount Sinai Hospital has an oncological sciences center where three Pathology Department team members Yvonne Saenger, MDEmily Bernstein, PhD; and Julide Celebi, MD are studying the biology of malignant melanoma. Dr. Saenger is an oncologist who is looking at immune response genes and their relationship to the progression of lack of progression of melanoma. Dr. Bernstein is a molecular biologist studying the role of epigenetics and histone expression in advanced melanomas. Dr. Celebi is a dermatologist who studies molecular genetics of melanoma.