Preoperative Preparation: Preparing Your Child for Surgery 

Preparing your child for surgery is important. In fact, it has been proven that children who are prepared for surgery and who have support throughout the hospital experience, recover more quickly, and have fewer problems than those who are not prepared. Our Meet Me at Mount Sinai program provides an opportunity for you and your child to preview the hospital experience and ask questions in a care setting, so that your child will be prepared when it is time for surgery. 

Meet Me at Mount Sinai: Customized Program for Your Child 

The Meet Me at Mount Sinai program is comprised of highly skilled team members, including a pediatric social worker, a pediatric surgery nurse practitioner, and a child life specialist, and it is designed to meet your child’s and your particular needs. We give younger children their own doll to “doctor,” along with a play medical kit, and a coloring book about hospitals. With these toys, we guide your child through each step of the hospital experience, to prepare him or her as completely as possible for the actual experience of surgery. For older children and teenagers, we customize the program to their individual interests and questions. These sessions tend to be more interactive: we may show a video about anesthesia, tour the admitting area, or simply discuss what they might expect during and after surgery. Call to make an appointment with Meet Me at Mount Sinai. Scheduling a date for the program is simple and each session lasts about one hour. We prefer to meet you and your child in person, but we can also schedule a question-and-answer session by telephone if necessary. We offer sessions in both English and Spanish. 

Support For You and Your Child 

The Meet Me at Mount Sinai Program is the first step in introducing your child to the hospital and surgery. Our team will get to know you and your child during the program, and we will be available to answer any additional questions both before and after your child’s surgery. Please don’t hesitate to call us.

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