Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science

Virtual Classes to Prepare You for the Birth of Your Baby and Beyond

In addition to the e-Learning courses, we have decided to offer virtual classes. At this time, we have included on the schedule of classes, Boot Camp for Labor Support PartnersChildbirth Series; Infant CPR from birth to one year; Newborn Care Review and Infant Development with Parenting from birth to six months and a Planned Cesarean Class. These classes provide a wealth of invaluable information and the ability to interact with the educator and other class participants.

Our master coach teaches the Boot Camp for Labor Support Partners. This 2.5-hour class focuses on the importance of communication and negotiation, helping you develop confidence in your new role as a partner. Your coach discusses your role during the birth process and the weeks following the delivery of your baby, with emphasis on post-partum baby blues for both new parents. You will learn how to prepare for the first weeks at home with a new baby and how to reach out to family and friends for assistance.

The Childbirth Series will be held for 3 consecutive weeks, 2.5-hour sessions focusing on signs of labor, the four stages of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques, positions for labor, knowing when to go to the hospital, admitting procedures and pain management and postpartum preparation. Taught by a certified childbirth educator, the class will also address special circumstances as inductions and unplanned cesareans. You will have the chance to practice breathing and relaxation techniques and ask question to your educator.

Our 2-hour Infant CPR class covers CPR techniques for infants from birth to one year. An RN and certified CPR instructor will teach you how to recognize choking and what to do if it happens and demonstrate safe sleep positions for babies. Also addressed is infant and child safety (both indoors and outdoors) a review of safety products, burn care, poison control, and when to call 911.

There is much to consider in parenting a newborn and a wealth of wisdom to help you get started on your parenting journey, with knowledge, intention, and confidence. Led by a NYS Certified Parenting Educator, the 2.5-hour Newborn Care Review and Infant Development with Parenting class from birth to six months will review newborn care basics and present evidence-based information about infant development, fostering your baby's emotional, social cognitive and physical growth, parenting roles and styles, decision-making and more. How will you nurture, guide, communicate with, and protect your infant? What are gentle ways to support your baby’s exploration of the world outside the womb? These questions will be addressed using videos, exercises, and discussion.

This 2-hour Planned Cesarean class is for parents anticipating a Cesarean birth (C-section). A certified childbirth educator will teach you about the indications of cesareans, pre-admission testing and what happens on the “big day” in both the operating and recovery rooms. Pain management, recovery, and your next birth will be discussed along with the role of the partner, emphasizing the importance of support, and making decisions together for an optimal birth and recovery experience.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to michele.reinbach@mountsinai.org.