About the Center for Headache and Pain Medicine

Our dedicated team of physicians, led by Director Dr. Mark Green, have specialties beyond just Neurology and will work to find the best treatment and preventative tips for migraine and headache sufferers of all types. Menstrual migraines, cluster headaches, basilar migraines, and tension-type headaches all can be debilitating, painful and difficult to diagnose, but the Mount Sinai Center for Headache and Pain Medicine is especially equipped with the latest technology and experience to provide diagnosis and treatment in even the most complicated cases. Treatment options include biofeedback, Botox, and other interventional procedures. Our physicians will consider all available options and medical alternatives to give you the highest level of medical treatment and care.

Every patient at the Center for Headache and Pain Medicine receives an individually tailored treatment plan plus counseling to ensure that they receive adequate answers to all their questions. When appropriate, doctors will incorporate families into the treatment process.

If required, the AAAHC-accredited (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) FPA Fluoroscopy Suite has a highly advanced fluoroscope (live x-ray machine), enabling our Pain Medicine physicians to precisely target painful areas. A state of the art radio-frequency machine allows for optimal radio frequency and pulsed radio frequency lesioning of painful nerves. The suite is specially equipped to enable our anesthesiologists to carefully monitor patients during procedures and, if necessary, provide sedation.

Medical students, residents, and fellows receive training at the Center for Headache and Pain Medicine, as do visiting physicians who wish to gain expertise in headache, pain, or the application of palliative medicine to neurologic disease.

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