Mount Sinai Health System participates in the New York City 911 system providing EMS service to the community. As a member of the FDNY voluntary hospital 911 system Mount Sinai EMS answers over 9000 calls to 911 a year with its advanced life support and two basic life support units. The paramedics and emts on these ambulances in addition to the 911 service also cover special events throughout the year in the community.

Mount Sinai EMS is dedicated to the advancement of prehospital medical care and participates in the development of city wide protocols to manage chest pain, stroke and cardiac arrest. There is also on going research in the area of ultrasonography and its use in evaluating trauma patients for early recognition of injury.

Mount Sinai EMS enhances the education and training of medical students, residents and nurses by providing an opportunity to ride on the ambulance as an observer and experience patient care in the field. These observers learn about the unique capabilities, and skills EMS providers use daily responding in the local community.