Second Opinion

Any condition which negatively affects the health of your spine can be especially troubling to both you and your family and others close to you. The manifestation and discovery of any spinal condition is a scary and uncertain period. Whether you have been diagnosed with a ruptured disc, spinal stenosis, or a sarcoma, or any of the spinal conditions we diagnosis, treat, and provide rehabilitative care for, our innovative and world-renowned team of spine care experts are trusted as innovative and top-level surgeons and can accurately and efficiently provide a valuable second opinion.

Why Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Spine diseases or injuries, even if not traumatic, can be serious health concerns. The spine holds us up as we go about our day, it channels information in and out of our brain, and it affects nearly every area of our day-to-day life. With a second opinion from the Spine Hospital at Mount Sinai, we equip you and those around you who are involved in healthcare decisions with the most complete, accurate and timely results or diagnosis as we can. We are able to provide you with a quick and accurate second (or third or fourth) opinion on a variety of spine concerns, including but not limited to:

Why the Spine Hospital at Mount Sinai?

The Spine Hospital at Mount Sinai is an all-encompassing center of personalized and attentive spine care, prevention, surgery, and post-operative rehabilitation and recovery. We are on the forefront of spine care as we work across departments and disciplines to bring a fully comprehensive approach to your health needs. This includes on-site imaging and diagnostic testing, non-surgical care and maintenance, and when needed, spine surgery, both orthopedic and neurologic, including minimally-invasive spine surgery, which results in less blood loss during surgery, less time in the hospital post-operation, and less recovery time, especially if paired with a diligent rehabilitation schedule. If you end up needing a second opinion, rest assured that invasive surgery or surgery in general is one of our last suggestions – we prioritize effective, safe, conservative and caring spinal care and surgery. Come to one of Spine Center locations to get a trusted, experienced, and caring second opinion.

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