Performance 360 at Home

As we are all adapting to a new normal in the midst of COVID-19, Performance360 remains committed to helping you achieve high performance -- even from home. Please enjoy our free at-home training program and stay tuned for more updates on virtual performance services.

Download Your Fee In-home Training Program – No Equipment Needed

As we are all adapting to a new normal in the midst of COVID-19, Performance360 remains committed to helping you achieve high performance -- even from home.

​Alex Bunt, P360's high performance specialist and exercise physiologist, has put together a complimentary equipment-free in home-training program.

​Select your fitness level below and click to download your PDF fitness program with links to video guides.

What to Expect from the Program

Performance360’s No Equipment Exercise Program is a bodyweight strength training routine designed to promote your body’s optimal function and health while boosting your metabolism and building your muscles in all the right places.

The design of the program allows you to develop strength in functional full-body movements without the need for weights or additional equipment. By engaging in strength training, you can expect to increase:

  • Lean muscle
  • Muscle strength
  • Bone density
  • Tendon and ligament durability
  • Coordination
  • Movement efficiency
  • Independence in old age
  • Injury resiliency

Also included in the program are mobility, stability, power, and metabolic methods; these work in synergy with the strength training to give you the added benefits of improved:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Athleticism
  • Body composition
  • Muscle and joint pain relief

Your No Equipment program contains the following components, which help to accomplish the above-mentioned goals:

  • Warm-up uses aerobic exercise to raise muscle temperature — enhancing the rest of the session by increasing strength, power, endurance, and range-of-motion.
  • Movement prep eliminates restrictions to movement, specifically in the upper back, shoulders, hips, and ankles.
  • Core strengthens your trunk, hips, and back in three planes of motion while both resisting and controlling motion to encourage total body connection and balanced muscle activation.
  • Hip energizes and strengthens the small glute muscles to not only prepare them for more demanding leg exercises but to reinforce their importance for protecting the structures of low back and knee joints.
  • Strength circuits develop the main movement patterns of the human body—squat, hinge, lunge, single-leg stance, upper body pushing and pulling—ensuring a well-balanced and healthy body.  High repetitions with short rest periods help to create a metabolically active environment within the muscles, promoting caloric expenditure and changes in lean tissue.

Enjoy the process of this and be amazed at how far you can progress yourself in just a few short weeks!

*Please note that we do not guarantee any particular results. Also, please note that before beginning any exercise program you should consult your physician. Performance360 is not liable for any injury sustained from this program.