Patient Testimonials

We value the comments and suggestions of our patients. Below, you will find testimonials from patients who have received their care at the Mount Sinai Health System.  All patients featured on our website have signed a HIPAA authorization form granting permission to post their testimonials and photos. If you would like to share your experience, please contact us.

Patient Undergoes Sleeve Gastrectomy and is Grateful for Compassionate Care

 “I had a sleeve gastrectomy. Although it was a rough recovery the first 24 hours, I have no regrets. The procedure went well. Dr. Inabnet was so caring and every visit to the office was a positive one. I followed all the dietary guidelines pre- and post-op. I have a weight loss of 32 pounds since my initial consultation. I would highly recommend this to anyone

Sonia’s Story

“Since my first visit to Mount Sinai, I have felt like I was part of the family. The nutritionist, the doctor, they don’t treat me like a patient, they treat me like family. They knew what I came for, they knew my struggle. And they sat there with me while I was crying and telling my story. Even after surgery, in the recovery room, everybody was so loveable; it was just amazing. I told my husband, ‘wow if I would have known this before, I would have done it years ago.’ It’s a beautiful hospital; beautiful staff.”

Eddie’s Story

“Before the surgery I weighed about 325 pounds and now I weigh 235. I have a lot of energy now. Before the surgery, it was difficult for me to go on walks with my wife, but now I’m able to do that more often. I’m able to stop and tie my shoe in the street which I couldn’t do before.  Before, when I would hug my wife, I felt uncomfortable because it was difficult for her to put her arms around me. Now she just wraps and tightens and it feels better. She can put her arms around me now. It feels good.”