Rehabilitation and Human Performance

The Trusted Rehabilitation Provider Network

All of our Trusted Rehabilitation Provider Partners are open and many partners offer telemedicine video visits or In-home visits. Please contact the practices individually to learn more or contact Hsien Tan at or 646-689-3276 for more information.

In addition to the Mount Sinai Health System’s hospital based outpatient rehabilitation sites, we have developed relationships with physical therapy practices in New York and New Jersey to create the Trusted Rehabilitation Provider Network in order to increase your access to highly qualified and skilled rehabilitation providers. Network members have been carefully assessed to be sure that their clinical competencies, operational practices, and physical environments are in line with what you have come to expect from Mount Sinai. We ensure that these providers offer comprehensive, high-quality therapy.

Rehabilitation Provider Locations

Below we list all of the rehabilitation providers to help you find a location near you.

Each physical therapy office determines which insurances it accepts. When you call to make an appointment, please check with the office directly to see if it accepts your insurance.

Specialties Available
Some specialty services (but not all) may involve an additional charge. Before you schedule an appointment, please ask the office.

Post Acute Covid Syndrome (PACS)

A number of our partners are specially trained to assess and treat post acute covid symptoms sometimes referred to as PACS (post acute covid syndrome).  When searching by location below, these practices will be noted with COVID trained under their listing. When calling for appointment, please indicate you are specifically seeking post COVID treatment.