Why Choose Mount Sinai?

Whatever your child’s gastroenterology needs, Mount Sinai can help. As one of the most respected centers for pediatric digestive disorders, and a pioneer in research and education, we deliver specialized, evidence-based care to infants, children, and teens with inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, eosinophilic esophagitis, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, pancreatic disease, and many other conditions both common and complex.

Our multidisciplinary team includes nurse practitioners, social workers, nutritionists, and child-life specialists, all working together to achieve the best care for your child. We also work closely with the adult Gastroenterology Department, and help our patients transition to that program when they are ready.

Services We Offer

We offer the following services to young patients and their families:

  • Pediatric endoscopy uses advanced optics and first-rate visualization systems for rapid, accurate, and pain-free examinations of your child’s digestive tract and adjacent organs in our children’s hospital with pediatric anesthesiologists. We also perform advanced therapeutic endoscopic procedures.
  • Pediatric radiology performs imaging tests such as X-rays, ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance enterography (MRE), magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography (CT) scans in a pediatric friendly environment. We provide comprehensive imaging services for premature infants, full-term infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Whenever possible, we use imaging studies that do not require radiation exposure.

    To help reduce any anxiety and fear for your child and your family, we designed our main pediatric radiology area with an underwater theme as a comforting and relaxing setting. Your child can watch a video or play with a videogame before and during the imaging studies. We are happy to give them little rewards such as lollipops and stickers. Our little patients also enjoy coloring in their very own copy of our free coloring book, Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital Pediatric Radiology Coloring Book, and they are often amused when they recognize the members of the staff who appear as cartoon characters in it.
  • Infusion therapy is when we administer medications intravenously. It is especially effective for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can be treated with infusion therapies. The Mount Sinai Therapeutic Infusion Center is a state-of-the-art infusion center dedicated to providing advanced biologic therapies to both adults and children on an outpatient basis. Our infusion center provides a comfortable setting with private rooms; reclining chairs; Wi-Fi; flat screen TVs; and complimentary lunch, snacks, and beverages.

Multiple Locations

Our doctors see patients in multiple locations including Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Brooklyn, Long Island, and New Jersey.


Searching for answers is part of who we are and what we do. Members of our Pediatric Gastroenterology division continually strive to advance our knowledge of digestive and liver diseases through research in order to help our young patients. For example, at the Susan and Leonard Feinstein Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinical Center, our team takes a multi-faceted approach to researching inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Current areas of study include the microbial influences, genetic components, and treatment of IBD. Not all of our studies involve looking through a microscope. Our team is also studying how delivery of care can impact children living and coping with IBD.

A few of the studies currently underway in the division of Pediatric Gastroenterology include:

  • OPTIMIZE: Using a Pharmacokinetic Dashboard to Optimize and Individualize Infliximab Dosage for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients
  • Improving Transition Readiness in Pediatric IBD with Novel Behavioral Interventions
  • Road to Prevention (RTP): Multi’omic, Longitudinal Assessments of High Risk Families with Multiple Members with IBD Aimed at Identifying a Preventative Strategy
  • IBD Biobank: Large Scale Sample and Data Collection on Patients with IBD to Optimize Existing Therapies and Evaluate New Therapies
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine as Therapy in Crohn’s Disease
  • PRIUS: Prospective Intestinal Ultrasound Database to non-invasively monitor and predict treatment response in pediatric IBD
  • SKIIN: Tape Strips as a non-invasive tool to study the immune profile of children with IBD to aid in therapy selection
  • Multiple Clinical Trials for New Therapies for IBD including biologics, small molecules and novel herbal therapies