Youth Sports Injuries

Children are active and enjoy sports. Being active is a natural part of being young, and we encourage healthy activity. Unfortunately, young people sometimes get hurt whether playing on competitive teams, or just playing for fun.

Statistics indicate the rising incidence of sports injuries among youth in the United States, bringing young people to emergency rooms for treatment of sports and recreation-related injuries.

Sports injuries in children and adolescents may include the following:

  • Apophysitis is a form of elbow pain in young people is called little league elbow.
  • Tendonitis is caused by sports injury or overuse of the elbow, knee, shoulder, thumb, or wrist.
  • Sprains or strains affect the ligaments around a joint caused by overstretching or a tear.
  • Stress fractures, including broken bones, are common sports stress fractures that often occur in an arm, foot, or leg.

Treating Youth Sports Injuries

Recovering from sports injuries as a young athlete requires specialized attention by a doctor who is sensitive to the fact that children are not just little adults. Children and adolescents are in their formative years. Our doctors consider each young person’s needs, understanding that his or her skeletal system is still growing. How we treat a young person’s injury can affect the rest of the youth’s life. Our doctors often prescribe less aggressive nonsurgical and nonmedical treatment options such as rest, cross training, and physical therapy for children with sports-related injuries.