Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health

Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Program

Mount Sinai is dedicated to helping employers build healthier, safer, and more productive workforces. Our ergonomists can help prevent physical discomfort and injuries by making recommendations for improvements in the work environment and in personal work habits.


Workplace Screening

We evaluate work environments and provide recommendations to employers to reduce the risk of future injury. This approach can help prioritize problem areas and establish an action plan.

Workstation Assessment

We survey a person’s individual workstation for potential correctable risk factors, providing guidance and education to reduce and prevent discomfort and injury.

Ergonomics 101

Our certified ergonomist leads seminars about injury prevention, educating attendees in how to set up a workstation properly and to prevent injuries. A comprehensive Q&A segment allows listeners to gain practical information which they can apply in their daily routine.

EMS Worker Injury Reduction and Prevention Program

This program provides comprehensive education for EMS workers throughout New York City and the Mid-Hudson Valley.  It includes collaborative discussions with EMS safety leadership to identify safety goals of the organization, followed by hands-on workshops for EMS workers. Learn more.

Return-to-Work/Post-Medical Leave

Our experts help employers ensure a smooth transition back to the workplace for employees returning from injury-related medical leave by providing recommendations for change including worksite accommodation and employee education.

Space Planning

We assist employers and their facility planners with space design and furniture/equipment procurement for optimal comfort and productivity.

Meet Our Ergonomist

Arlette Loeser, MA, OTR, CDMS, CIE/P, Director of Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Arlette Loeser returned to Mount Sinai in 2014 to develop the Injury Prevention and Ergonomics program at the Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health. She has more than 20 years of experience in implementation of clinical and programmatic initiatives, including programs dedicated to assistive technologies and safe patient handling. As an ergonomics expert for small to large companies, Ms. Loeser has advised in structuring and implementing return-to-work programs and educational forums for ongoing ergonomic intervention for injured workers in the office, educational, manufacturing, and health care arenas. She has worked with individuals from varied professional backgrounds including IT, journalists, musicians, photographers, security and postal workers, health care professionals, and material handlers in manufacturing.

Learn more about Ergonomics

There are varieties of ways to ensure your workstation is ergonomically correct. The following resources will aid in your set-up:

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