Interventional Radiology

Vascular Malformations

Several types of blood vessels carry blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body. Blood vessels include arteries, veins, and capillaries. If you have a problem with your blood vessels, Mount Sinai Interventional Radiology can help. We have special expertise in these types of blood vessel problems:

Vascular Anomalies and Vascular Malformations. We are part of the Vascular Anomalies Program at The Mount Sinai Hospital. This clinic sees children and adults with a variety of congenital vascular conditions including:

  • Infantile hemangiomas are “strawberry” birthmarks visible at birth.
  • Venous malformations happen when veins have stretched or enlarged and are painful.
  • Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are abnormal tangles of blood vessels that keep blood from moving smoothly from place to place.

Why Mount Sinai

At Mount Sinai, we have a team of specialists with extensive experience diagnosing and treating vascular malformations. We are highly skilled in working with patients of all ages. Our team consists of interventional radiologists who collaborate with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hematologists, and vascular surgeons. We offer a variety of treatments including medical, surgical, and minimally invasive (endovascular) approaches.