About Us

The physicians of the Mount Sinai Health System treat the full spectrum of infectious diseases, including bacterial, insect-borne, HIV/AIDs, and STDs. Our doctors are in the forefront of treatment, prevention, and research—so you can be assured of receiving the most advanced care. From a simple shot for immunization to the most innovative clinical trials, you’ll have access to the best care possible.

Leaders in the Fight Against AIDS/HIV

We have been in the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS. With the creation of the Institute for Advanced Medicine (IAM), we offer six HIV primary care centers, treating and caring for more than 10,000 people who have been infected throughout the New York metropolitan area.  The IAM combines physicians and staff from multiple disciplines into one integrated program that provides accessible, affordable, and expert primary and specialty care to HIV patients, as well as their friends and families.

Specialty services include mental health, case management, social services, and coordinated clinical care in areas such as cardiology, dermatology, and nephrology. This large and coordinated mission enables the IAM to serve as a leader in treatment, prevention, and education in addition to providing researchers with tremendous opportunities for drug discovery, and will offer patients unique access to clinical trials and our researchers are leadings in HIV/AIDS.

Exceptional Care for Children and Young Adults

The doctors at the Mount Sinai Health System’s Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of infectious illnesses that affect infants, children, teens, and young adults. We can provide expert advice about your child’s immunizations for home and for traveling abroad. To find out more, please visit Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

Specialized Care for Transplant Patients

The Mount Sinai Transplant Infectious Diseases Program is dedicated to the prevention and management of all infectious diseases in solid organ and bone marrow transplant recipients. With a collaborative clinical and academic relationship with the Recanati-Miller Transplantation Institute and the Bone Marrow Transplant Program, the Transplant Infectious Diseases Program at Mount Sinai is dedicated to providing excellent clinical care in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.

We offer comprehensive care for all types of infectious diseases, including: