At Mount Sinai, we are dedicated to improving our patients’ lives. Research plays a major role. Every day, we use the observations we make while treating you and other patients to shape questions that we test through research. We  bring the knowledge we are developing in our research laboratories to practical use more quickly because we are in an academic medical center.

The result: We deliver tomorrow’s medicine today.

We focus generally on testing new delivery systems and ways of managing for insulin therapy. Our most recent efforts include:

  • Using scavengers of advanced glycation end products to treat diabetes and kidney disease
  • Educating Mount Sinai medical residents on the treatment of diabetes in a multi-center program
  • Evaluating the “Wal-Mart” effect on the price of medication of patients with diabetes
  • Determining the effect of testosterone-raising medication on diabetes
  • Comparing different blood glucose testing strategies to see which best helps patients maintain good control
  • Determining how the central nervous system regulates blood glucose control

We also have pioneered the testing and adoption of the first artificial pancreas, a breakthrough for type 1 diabetic patients.