Femoral Hernia

Femoral hernias appear in the groin, when a weakness in the groin muscles causes a bulging of fat or abdominal contents through a defect. Like inguinal hernias, the weakness may be present since birth, or may be acquired over several years. The natural course of all hernias is that they grow larger over time.

Causes of femoral hernias include:

  • Poor wound healing following surgery
  • Heavy lifting
  • Straining

A femoral hernia can be diagnosed on physical exam by a trained healthcare provider. In some instances, an Ultrasound or CT scan can be helpful. Although very uncommon in both men and women, femoral hernias are more likely to occur in women, due to their differing bone and muscle structure.

There is a risk of all hernias causing a blockage if not repaired. Surgery is the only to fix a femoral hernia, with a repair very similar to an inguinal hernia repair.

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