Child and Adolescent and Family Services

Child Adolescent and Family Services (CAFS), part of our Mount Sinai Health System Ambulatory Psychiatry Service and certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health, provide outpatient clinic treatment for children and adolescents (from birth through age 18) and their families. The services we offer include

  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Parent training and support
  • Pharmacologic evaluation and ongoing medication management
  • Case management services
  • Crisis intervention

The CAFS mission is threefold: we provide advanced, accessible clinical care, serve as a training site for educating future child mental health professionals, and advance the field of child and adolescent psychiatry through research. As part of this mission, we make compassionate, comprehensive clinical care, accessible to the diverse population of youths and their families with the aim of alleviating symptoms of emotional disturbance and allowing children and adolescents to be maintained in their natural environments.

We achieve clinical excellence through our use of innovative treatment approaches informed by scientific study and by creating an individualized continuum of care that incorporates the clinical, social and cultural characteristics of the patient and family. We understand that each family has unique strengths, values and goals, and that the best outcomes are possible when families and caregivers are active participants in their child’s treatment.