Messages from our Leadership

Alexander Kolevzon, MD, Director

Over the past decade, the Child Behavioral Health and Science Center has developed from a predominantly clinical service to a major academic program. With the recent merger between Mount Sinai, St. Luke’s, Roosevelt, and Beth Israel Hospitals, this is an exciting time for Child Behavioral Health and Science at Mount Sinai. The Center has a strong record in outstanding, innovative training programs, and in research contributions being made to this rapidly advancing field. We currently have tremendous depth and breadth with significant expertise in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tics and Tourette’s syndrome, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disorders, Neuropsychology, Eating and Weight Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Trauma, and Substance Abuse. Our goal for the coming years is to expand the academic footprint in Child Behavioral Health and Science across all the Mount Sinai sites. New initiatives will include additional Centers of Excellence, a Pediatric Psychopharmacology Program, an enhanced Pediatric Neuroimaging Program, and a robust Community Outreach Program. We intend to enrich our Training and Education programs by fostering cross-collaboration across disciplines, and to develop combined training tracks in general and child psychiatry, in addition to a specialized physician scientist track in child psychiatry. Another important goal for the coming years is to raise awareness in our community and enlist the support of families to help us further our mission.

Daniel Medeiros, MD, Deputy Director

Our faculty and professional staff are dedicated to providing holistic, comprehensive treatment to the children and families we serve, with the goal of helping children successfully remain in the community and minimizing the need for hospitalizations and placements. This philosophy is fundamental to our approach to training, such that trainees learn to assess and treat co-morbid substance issues, are exposed to a broad range of diagnoses and ages, and learn to be flexible in a changing health care system. We are committed to further developing integrated care with primary care and the communities we serve.

Wayne K. Goodman, MD, Chairman 

The Mount Sinai Behavioral Health System spans much of Manhattan and creates many exciting opportunities for delivering new models of clinical care, expanded educational experiences, and establishing clinical research infrastructure on a large scale. One of the greatest benefits of the merger for Mount Sinai’s mental health services is the wealth of treatment programs for children and adolescents brought on board by St. Luke’s-Roosevelt and Beth Israel, including in substance abuse and traumatic disorders. In addition to existing Centers of Excellence focused on a wide range of childhood disorders, an area of immediate opportunity is research into better treatments for addiction and trauma. By aligning our research and clinical programs, we will maximize the potential of this health system to advance clinical care. Nowhere in the Behavioral Health System is this potential greater than in child and adolescent behavioral health. I am extremely supportive of the efforts described herein and look forward to helping this important Center continue to develop its outstanding services and research mission.