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About the Zweig Family Center for Living Donation

Living donation is an opportunity for ordinary people to do the extraordinary: save the life of another person by donating a kidney or part of a liver. Recognizing the power and vital importance of this type of donation, the Zweig Family Center for Living Donation was founded in 2010 within the Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute (RMTI) at Mount Sinai to ensure that living donors, transplant recipients, and their families receive outstanding, compassionate care throughout this life-changing journey. Today, our Center is one of the largest living donor programs in the United States.

Living Organ Donation at Mount Sinai

The RMTI is among the most advanced abdominal transplant centers in the country. Since conducting its first kidney transplant in 1967 and first liver transplant in 1988, Mount Sinai has remained at the field’s cutting edge, with a history of being among the pioneers in such advanced techniques as paired kidney donation, donation chain facilitation, and pediatric transplantation.

Cutting-edge medicine, however, is nothing without exceptional, compassionate care, and at the Zweig Family Center for Living Donation the unique needs of donors, recipients, and their families come first. Our expert team is committed to providing personalized 360-degree care, from the initial evaluation through post-transplant follow-up appointments.

Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Care

The Zweig Family Center for Living Donation’s sole focus is providing comprehensive medical, surgical, and psychological care, as well as education and emotional support to people considering living donation and those who have already donated. At our Center, donors are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, and social workers from the medical, surgical, and psychosocial health fields, all committed to ensuring a rich, successful experience for those who donate the gift of life.

The care we provide begins with a comprehensive screening process to ensure the safe selection of suitable donors, and it continues through surgery and post-recovery support, during which we promote the long-term wellness of living donors by offering a range of services, including counseling, support groups, yoga, and nutrition counseling.

Why Living Donation Matters

Because there are not enough organs from deceased donors to go around, thousands of patients die waiting for a transplant each year. Moreover, while waiting for a new organ, patients typically experience significantly diminished quality of life.

By helping patients get off the wait list earlier and by freeing up deceased donor organs for other people, living donors not only help recipients reclaim their lives sooner and more successfully—they save at least two lives, while making a positive contribution to countless others in the process.

At the Zweig Family Center for Living Donation, we are honored to be our patients’ partners in this incredible act of generosity. Our Center celebrates the many success stories among our patients, who have embraced this experience and gone on to live life to the fullest.

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Overnight Accommodations

With amenities including ten bedrooms and two kitchens, the Transplant Living Center (with concierge Allyson Reala) is a "home away from home" for patients and families.