Liver Diseases – What We Treat

Among the specific liver diseases we treat and manage at the Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute (RMTI) at Mount Sinai are early and end-stage:

Liver Surgery and Transplantation Services

We are committed to helping every patient with early stage liver disease manage his or her condition so that it does not progress. However, in patients with end-stage liver disease, one of the manifestations of the disease can be liver/bile duct (hepatobiliary) cancer. While liver transplantation remains an option for curing end-stage liver disease, we also provide alternative, state-of-the-art surgical treatments and other therapies for localized liver/bile duct cancer, including minimally invasive laparoscopic liver surgery (resection) which removes the affected parts of the liver rather than the whole organ.

Through our Zweig Family Center for Living Donation, we offer family members, friends, and others comprehensive evaluation services to determine their eligibility for live liver donor transplantation. For patients in need of a liver transplant, living donation can alleviate the waiting period of a deceased organ donor. All prospective living donors must undergo a thorough medical evaluation, as must all candidates for a liver transplant.

Our living donor program is the largest in the nation with more than 300 living donor donations performed to date.

For information about the Zweig Family Center for Living Donation or to schedule an appointment, please call: 212-659-8096.

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