Pilates is a unique mind/body conditioning program created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s. The method emphasizes core muscle strengthening , postural alignment, spinal mobility, joint stability and breath awareness. Core refers to your abdominal and back muscles at the centre that support and stabilize your whole body in movement or at rest.

Muscle weakness, decreased strength and endurance greatly affect our movement patterns as we age, increasing the risk of injury and falls. Pilates sessions will help your coordination and enhance your balance, allowing the aging adult to perform their daily tasks with greater freedom. Joseph Pilates describes the goal of his method as follows: “The attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with sound mind and ability to perform life’s daily activities with zest and ease.”

Alicia Principe is a second generation certified Pilates instructor trained by master teacher, Romana Kryzanowska. She is the owner of “Mindful Pilates” studio in the Upper West Side. A private studio created to provide men and women with the tools they need to become and stay physically fit as they age. Her approach, when working with a client is about clear communication; challenging and guiding them through their own personal body movement journey. In 2001 she inaugurated the Pilates program at the 92ST Y and continues to teach group Pilates Mat classes for its members. In 2008 she started the Pilates program at the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai and currently is involved in a clinical study there evaluating the impact of Pilates- based core strengthening program on men and women 65 to 90 years old. The objective of the study is to determine how best to improve postural stability, mobility, balance and coordination.

For more information about Alicia, visit her website at www.mindfulpilates.com.