Important Mount Sinai Phone Numbers

For Patients

  • Gastroenterology Faculty Practice Associates
    (212) 241-4299

    To schedule a consultation with one of our gastroenterologist from the Gastroenterology Faculty Practice Associates.
  • Mount Sinai Endoscopy Unit
    (212) 241-6277

    If you need to contact us regarding your procedure scheduled for today.
  • Mount Sinai Endoscopy Unit
    (212) 241-3609

    If you have questions about your scheduled procedure.
  • Gastroenterology, Divisional Administration
    (212) 659-9697

    For the academic offices of the Gastroenterology Division.

For Referring Physicians

  • Endoscopy, Direct Access Coordinator (Aurora Barriga)
    (212) 241-4974

    To refer your patient for a colonoscopy screening.
  • Endoscopy, Interventional Endoscopy Coordinator (Shelly Gerson, RN, BSN)
    (212) 241-3233, Fax: (212) 241-2276

    To refer your patient for a therapeutic endoscopic procedure (ERCP, EUS, EMR).
  • Endoscopy, Clinical Research Coordinator (Rachna Khare)
    (212) 241-7535

    For questions regarding our wide array of endoscopic clinical trails and research.

Important Mount Sinai Web Sites

Informational Web sites for GI Patients


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