Corneal Transplantation

Mount Sinai offers expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of corneal diseases. Corneal transplantation (also known as corneal grafting) is a common surgical procedure conducted to replace a diseased or damaged cornea with a healthy cornea from the eye of a suitable donor. Similar to all medical treatments, there are certain protocols to follow prior to the transplantation as well as risks. The amount of risk involved depends on whether the procedure is a full or partial corneal transplant. We follow all protocols to ensure that your transition from pre-operation through the healing process after your procedure is smooth and carefully attended to by world-class specialists.

Patients are first suggested as transplant candidates by their ophthalmologist and are then scheduled for a corneal consultation with our doctors (specifically Mount Sinai ophthalmologists and optic surgeons) who will make the final determination if there is enough corneal damage to warrant transplantation. Our eye care professionals are dedicated to providing you with the finest treatment available. To learn more about the transplant procedure and the conditions we treat, please visit the following pages: