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WTC Health Program Telemedicine Appointments

To schedule a telemedicine (telehealth) visit, please email or call us at 888-702-0630. To learn more, read our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine

What is telemedicine/telehealth?
Telemedicine, or telehealth, is the use of electronic technology to connect you with healthcare providers through video meetings or phone calls. You can speak with your medical providers during monitoring or treatment appointments without leaving your homes. 

What does a WTC telemedicine/telehealth visit include?
You will be able to speak with a nurse, a social worker, and a WTC medical provider. The medical provider will complete a medical history, address any new symptoms you may be experiencing, assist with prescriptions, and answer any questions about COVID-19. The exam takes about 2 hours. You will receive a total of four calls within that timeframe from a front desk staff member, a nurse, a social worker, and a medical provider.

What is not included in a WTC telemedicine/telehealth visit?
An office visit is necessary to complete a full physical exam and medical tests.

What is the best way to schedule my telemedicine/telehealth appointment?
As always, you can reach us at 1-888-702-0630. Please leave a message with your first and last name and the best phone number to reach you, we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also reach your medical provider for any non-urgent matters through MyMountSinai or via email, at

What kind of phone, tablet, or computer setup is required, and is it secure?
Telemedicine services are available through cell phones, computers, and tablets (like iPads). When making your appointment, we will provide instructions for setting up your visit. These telephonic and video systems ensure that you have privacy to discuss your health with the WTC provider. No one will be in the room with the medical provider or listening on the line.

MyMountSinai telemedicine appointments can be performed using the MyMountSinai app (found in the Google Play store or iTunes) on any Android, iOS phone, or tablet released in the last few years.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, visit our MyMountSinai webpage to find instructions entailing how to download and use the app MyMountSinai for your video visit, and what to do in preparation of your video visit.

How should I prepare for the visit?
We suggest that you find a space in your household where you can comfortably speak with your provider. Please make sure that your device (phone, tablet, or computer) is fully charged and you have a good Wi-Fi connection or cellular coverage. Please have a list of your current medications available during the call.

Are mental health services available while the WTC Health Program is operating remotely?
Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers continues to provide comprehensive mental health services to members suffering from World Trade Center-related mental health conditions via telephone or video telehealth platforms. If you would like to request an intake evaluation, you may indicate this during your monitoring or treatment visits, or by calling the WTC Mental Health Program main number at 212-241-8462.

How can I connect with a social worker to discuss benefits-related needs?
Our team of social workers is available to provide advocacy and referral services to responders with a wide range of program and benefits-related needs, including those caused by COVID-19, via telephone or video appointments. You can request a referral to speak with a social worker about these topics during your monitoring or treatment visits, or by calling the World Trade Center Mental Health Program main number at 212-241-8462

Are interpreters available?
Yes. Our interpreters are available to assist you and support you during your visit. We will arrange for them to be on the line with you.

What is MyMountSinai?
MyMountSinai is a free online Mount Sinai platform that enables patients to securely access their medical information using the internet. MyMountSinai can be used via a desktop or an app that can be downloaded on an iphone, android or tablet, released in the past few years. MyMountSinai can be used to request prescription renewals and communicate with your medical care team. If you don’t have a My Chart account, we strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to sign up today. Click here to sign up and view this online video tutorial for tips on setting up MyMountSinai. To learn more, view Mount Sinai’s list of frequently asked questions.

Please find our frequently asked telemedicine questions page translated in Spanish and Polish.