Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health

Career and Vocational Services

We are dedicated to helping our patients develop the skills they need to ­find jobs or make career changes that ­fit with their goals and interests. Our vocational counselor provides one-on-one counseling to identify tools, trainings, and community resources that will put individuals on a path to success.

Our services include the following: 

Make a Plan That Works for You
Our counselor collaborates with you to develop a plan that fi­ts your experience and interests. Turning skills development and career goals into attainable steps will help you focus and prioritize tasks. 

Create a Strong Resume Package
Having a resume, cover letter, and references are all part of the job application process. We help you to create or upgrade your resume and provide tips on how to tailor your material for job openings. 

Find the Right Job Openings
Our counselor leads internet-based job search sessions so you can find the job postings that interest you. Learning how to set up online applications is a must for some companies. We can help you do that. 

Prepare for the Interview
You will participate in mock interviews to build con­fidence and get the skills you need to perform well during the interview.

Improve Job Performance
Our patients learn effective communication techniques and develop strategies to manage work situations that will help you excel in your job. Schedule a session today by contacting Judith Mulder at 212-824-7367.