About Us

The Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health are proud to serve the Mid-Hudson Valley and the five boroughs of New York City for their occupational health needs. We diagnose and treat occupational injuries and diseases. Our dedicated team evaluates the work conditions of our patients to determine whether other co-workers may be at risk. We assist unions, work centers, community groups, and employers to establish effective workplace interventions to prevent injuries and enhance the health of all.

Each year there are more than 200 work-related fatalities and 200,000 occupational diseases and injuries reported across New York State. Unfortunately, these numbers represent only a fraction of the problem because work-related health conditions are underreported. These conditions can lead to significant pain and suffering for workers, disrupt careers, and devastate families. Occupational health issues result in a substantial economic burden due to both direct medical costs and indirect costs related to lost production, foregone opportunities, and diminished investment.

We are committed to providing specialized care and preventive services for workers. With the changing dynamic of the workforce and new emerging occupational and environmental hazards, continued specialized research, training, and clinical care in occupational medicine are more critical than ever.

Our occupational health services include:

Patient Services

  • Evaluation of work-related conditions
  • Ergonomics and injury prevention consultations
  • Workers' compensation counseling and social work
  • World Trade Center Health Program

Labor, Industry and Community Partnerships

  • Ergonomic and environmental hazard assessments
  • Asbestos, lead, silica, and other heavy metal medical surveillance
  • Hearing conservation programs
  • Respirator fit testing and clearance examinations
  • Fitness for duty evaluations and return-to-work assessments
  • Education modules in ergonomics, stress reduction and mindfulness and the health effects of workplace hazards and protection strategies

Clinical Expertise

  • Occupational injuries and illnesses
  • Clinical preventive medicine
  • Medical surveillance for hazardous exposures
  • Disability evaluations
  • Causality evaluations
  • World Trade Center-related adverse health effects

Support Services

  • Industrial hygiene
  • Injury Prevention and ergonomics
  • Social work and benefits counseling
  • Interpreter and translation services